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If you find yourself spinning in circles

Confusion muddling up what’s inside

Take a deep breath

Stop and refocus

Take a step back

Clear your mind.

For our brains can be so full of garbage

Pluck the gobble gock out and you’ll see

There is love

There is peace

There is kindness

Take a big bite of life every day

Sunshine will fill you I promise

All those troubles will soon melted away.


I always was responsible

Whether for my actions or for yours

Never felt light as a feather

Always felt a storm

The responsible it grounded me

Even when around my neck

I always felt it’s presence

It helped keep me in check.

You went away

Slowly I noticed

My responsible went with you

I don’t know who I am sometimes without it

I struggle to find my way

It’s lost to me and I know it

Hope it comes back to me some day.


Replays and repeats are useless

For the invitation was made.

This unimagined thing

Safely harbored

It kept on growing

Ate up all the room.

It beckons you to join her

With her fanciful delights.

I hope you will remember me

Undercover of a moonless night.

Listen and Learn

Drawn out and away

What I mean to say

Entangled in your web.

I cannot find a way

Impediments filter true feeling

Across a sky so gray.


Listen and learn

Perhaps a lesson lingers here.

Sound is merely a sound

Until it collects and comes together

To make music only we can hear.

“Harmony is key,” she said.

That’s where the truth is at.


Thoughtless dribble

Filter out the noise

Calamity toils and turns

Spinning wheels

A reverent hum

The making of political war.

Endless notifiers

Drowning lives

Seek to clarify positions left and right

Swirled into a brazen tornado

A never ending fight.

Choose me…..

Choose you…..

Such yucky goo.

Surely there must be light in the end.

He and Me and the miles inbetween

My dearest heart

Spoke to me

Painful words

The untruth of it all filling his head.

No words could I speak

The silence killing us both or maybe me

I want you so…

I wanted you then

I scream and scream inside my head.

But he can’t feel it.

I feel that he can’t.

I keep the silence between us.

What words could take all that away?

For a brief moment

He comes into view

I catch the voice of the person I once knew.

I hear all that he is…..

My heart misses…..

Oh, how I miss……

His kiss

His hands

His feet

The smile in his voice

His presence

The spring in his step

His cuddles

The rainwater that falls from his face at night

His smell

His beautiful legs

His style

His grace

His music

His words only for me

His presence

His laugh

His writing

His excitement

His cheer

I miss loving him and he loving me

Oh, to walk free.

To love him

Truly, love him

His hand in mine



Wild trees

Twisted turn

Beasts that have no name.

Flowing brooks

And reading nooks

Coupled against the green.

Paths that cross

Blue covered moss

Strikes against the shade.

Loveliness is spoken here

Silence knows no bounds

Kindness grows

And true love shows

All that can be found.

Sea Turtles

Countless miles I walked with you

Beneath a cloud filled sky

Sunshine and kisses

Sandy feet

A twinkle in your eye.

At night the breeze of the ocean kissed my shoulders

You silently drew me near

Whispering sweet nothings

That only I could hear.

I remember baby turtles slept in the distance

Everything was devoid of light

Except for the love between us

On that wondrous peaceful night.

Heading into Town

If I could rearrange the scene

And paint the background gray

Then spin around three dozen times

It might make sense today.

But as it is

It’s drawn and tattered

A small rip at the seam

I swear I almost bumped my head

Against the ceiling beam.

For dreams are laid on golden paths

At least that’s what they say

No matter

I’ll just take my time

And see where my dreams lay.