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No footsteps sound

Only rock and trees

Mixed with rhododendron

Delicate pink and white everywhere

The path deeper and darker

The mist so heavy

Clinging in my hair

The beckoning sound of water

Draws me near

Louder and louder

Opening to reveal your beauty

Nestled amongst the sunshine of God’s space

I will never forget you or this day!

Red, White & Blue

All I knew and all I know

Never was true

Sometimes you gotta tap dance

Come back round for more

Before you take a few steps back

And finally close a door

Learned about another part

How I caused a broken heart

Now I’m sitting in those shoes

Guess I need to evaluate


Feel the sting

And apologize

Cause nothing beautiful can come forth from me

Until I know where my stockings are.


Fragile little me


Blurred vision across a cloudy smile



I miss you

Unraveled it cannot be undone


Your hand across mine


Shared moment with the beautiful sky

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Came to me

Happiness is not a person, place or thing.

It’s a feeling, a state of being

Choosing it

Fill me up.

Heavy comfort

Today he told me, so I told him…..

The heaviness of it all sat on our tongues for a brief moment.

And then just as quickly the telling broke free at the pace of a child running outside for recess when the bell has rung.

He stayed on course.

I drifted direction some.

Silence followed

Cicadas humming amongst the trees soothed our souls as we sat together and took in the smell of a moonless night.


The soft blue sea winks at me
The keeper of a thousand truths
Come out and play she seems to say
As I cover naked eyes from the sun

Warm sand on feet growing hotter
Sweat beneath my brow
“Tickle me with your toes”, she whispers
Delightedly, I comply
For who can resist her sweet little kiss on a fabulous day in July