Welcome to the Pioneers of St. Clair County, Michigan Project hosted by TAPPINGROOTS and created by Dave and Gretchen Mills.

Nelson Mills Snippet for Project

Nelson Mills (1823-1904)

This project originated from a master genealogy database created by Dave and Gretchen Mills of Scottsdale, Arizona, which contains information on over 21,000 individuals who are all connected in some way, direct or remote, to the pioneer surname from St. Clair County, Michigan, MILLS.  Other pioneer surnames in the database include:  MILLS, WILLIAMS, MCMORRAN, WARD, LAMERSON, COTTRELL, GALLAGHER, HUBBELL, WOLVERTON, CURRIE, MCQUEEN, and allied lines.

Years ago, while doing research on Henry McMorran and his brother-in-law, Nelson Mills, I came across the “pioneers website” by Dave and Gretchen Mills.  I searched for the website about a year ago and found the URL missing from the internet.  I contacted Dave via Facebook to find out what happened to his website.  I expressed my appreciation for his genealogical work and effort.  Further, we discussed the value of his research and creation of the master genealogy database to other genealogists/individuals researching their family roots or looking for historical content on families from St. Clair County, Michigan.  After a few months of collaborative sessions, TAPPINGROOTS is proud and honored to host the master genealogy database online as a free genealogical resource for researchers, genealogists and individuals interested in learning about and preserving the historical familites of St. Clair County, Michigan.

Please contact Dave Mills or Brenda Williams if  your pioneer family history links to someone in the database, you have supplementary information or photos you would like to add to a person already included in the database, or any comments/corrections to the materials or people found in the database. Date parameters for pioneer families are March 28, 1820 to December 31, 1940.

We would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback!  To access the database, click here.

Contact Information for Dave Mills:  davemills1939@icloud.com, 480 444-9385.

Contact Information for Brenda Williams:  brewilliams@gmail.com, 937-626-1164.